Your DNS settings are what directs people entering your domain name to our servers. (Your DNS is typically provided by your domain registrar, though it may also be provided by a separate DNS provider.)

How DNS Works (Simplified)

For a DNS lookup for, the DNS server provides the IP address by looking up the CNAME:

For the base, or apex, domain (, the A name points to the forwarding server, which then tells the DNS server to look up

DNS Delays

Once you make the change, it will take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours for everyone to see the new site, since DNS information is cached at many locations throughout the web infrastructure, and also by each computer and browser. Usually the changes show up within an hour or two.

Our DNS Servers

If you would like to use our DNS servers to for name resolution, please open a support ticket so that we can do the necessary. You will need to change the name server section of your domain registry to the following.



As our name servers are hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud, we recommend that you do not specify an ip address to these name servers. If you do specify an IP address, the domain registry records will need to be updated if there is a change in the assigned IP addresses.